Monday, 28 June 2010


As it is such a wet day, I thought that you might like to meet some of my other friends. At the moment we meet every Friday, but only for an hour or so. Actually I'm not too sure that the aristocratic one on the left is actually my friend. (He's a bit haughty). It is all really good fun, but a certain amount of dressing properly is required. I'm slowly learning to be more confident again having not ridden for a very long time. BUT a daughter who is very keen has given me a bit of a push. Well that and the thought that she mght be getting to do something that I really enjoyed and I wasn't. Are you supposed to be jealous of your children? Probably not. Anyway it was time I did something for me so here it is. Along with the baking and hooky of course. Don't get too wet
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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Strawberry Fields

Just had to show you what we've been up to today. BUT this was not all. Oh no...... grass has been cut (I finally managed to get the verge done). Shopping for the week's food....complete, yippee, it's really not my favourite thing, the supermarket shop. It was a fantabulous time to go though as the football was on and hardly anyone was around which made much more satisfying. Why am I drivelling on? Just look at this.......

We had THE most fantastic afternoon. SITTING in the sun. EATING loads of strawberries. PLANNING what we would make. It turns out that jam and icecream are top of the list.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cakes and Cordial

The summer seems to be here to stay, at least for the moment. The Elderflower did their thing this week, way behind those down the country and late for here too. We picked them on Monday and by Friday the mixture was bottled and ready to drink, although it seems to get better if kept for a while.

                             I thought you might like a peek into my box of cake decorations.

I pick up bits and pieces as I see them so sometimes end up with quite a stock of glitter and sprinkles.             BUT.... they are just the thing when it's time for cupcakes.

                   After all the bottling and baking it was definitely time for some hooky in the sun.

It is just too hot for much else although some of the grass did get cut. i have to confess that i gave up before we were finished. There's always tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Blogging and Random Thoughts

Just felt the need for a quick blog today. Isn't it amazing how you get hooked. I keep looking just to see if I've had any visitors, in fact I think most of the hits may be me looking to see if anyone else is dropping by. Is that sad, or needy or what?

Also been to a meeting about K going off to Italy on a school trip. how exciting is that. Not the meeting. The trip sounds fab, wish it was me that  was going. Mind you, someone who needs to snooze like this..........

May find it hard to sleep overnight on a bus full of very excited teenagers.
Have been having a peek at lots of other blogs over the last few days. how on earth do you all manage to do these fatastic blocks of photos? Any hints and tips would be really appreciated.

Saw this bike advertising a local cafe and thought you might like to seeit. Summer in a bike if you can have such a thing!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Picnic Time

What more could you want on a sunny Father's Day than a picnic in the Scottish Borders. Yesterday we made the plans but as ever in this country it all depends on the weather. We struck lucky and went for it. We found a spot that we had kind of remembered from a trip years ago on the way back from Hawick. We were joined by some friends although unfortunately someone had to work. Medicine doesn't always fit in with sunny days.

The girls spent quite a while paddling in the river. Even older boys were drawn to the water but for a spot of dam building.

Later we all sat in the sun and compared the size of toes. The two small girls are also facinated by bugs and spent lots of time searching for them and making sure that I was suitably interested. This is quite hard, I really am not a bug kind of person, but some of them were very pretty.

Altogether a very good time was had by all. Sitting, eating, a bit of drinking pink wine mmmm......

The weather stayed kind as we spotted motorbikes by engine sound only. Y and B very good at this. I of course am hopeless.

Hopefully there will be lots more days like this...

Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday Flowers.

Yesterday was our Wedding Anniversary. 17 years, where did all the time go? Some beautiful flowers arrived during the day and were waiting for me when I got home. A  good surprise at the end of the day.

I have them on the hearth along with the flowers I treated myself to when I got the shopping last week. Not quite in the same league but nice all the same.

Today I was taken out to lunch but arrived in town just a little bit early after a well timed escape from work. Just enough time for a mooch around the local gift shop. And look what I found. Only looked though, no buying. Not that I wasn't tempted but looking was enough for today.

After lunch we decided to go to a new cafe / bar place for a coffee and spotted a new vintage store. possibly it's a second hand store but really well laid out and has lots of vintage clothes, shoes and house things.
Speak to you all sometime over he weekend. Hope it stays sunny where you are.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Well well, another day off. Could get used to this I really could. Work is much, much better when split into small amounts. Have spent the day blogging and cooking and generally pottering. Thought you might like this picture of Ducati. She was aquired in November last year as a very tiny kitten when I was just about to start my Chemotherapy. She really is very nosy and into everything. She particularly likes to drink straight out of the tap. 

Took a few minutes off and looked out my text books. hould really do some work but well there is always something else more interesting.  I am in the middle of doing my medical imaging (ultrasound) course but had to stop because I was off work for so long. Anyway I am back now and have to have an assignement in at the end of September. Hopefuly I will be able to get the images I need soon and then can get going with the written stuff.

Also came across this photo of a prickly pear. A bit of an odd thing to put in here you may be thinking. But our surname:.. Tzabar means prickly pear, so this is our very own plant. It could hardly be more appropriate. See you all again soon and thankyou to all who are following the blog.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Weekend.

The weekend started out with making or rather finishing off the chilli jelly that I had started off on Friday. It is from Sarah Raven's new book and was really easy to do with very pretty results. Just the right amount of heat too, having taken out about 1/2 of the seeds. We should have enough now to last us quite a while!

Yesterday was Prom day and we actually managed to snatch a photo, admittedly not a very good one, as D is very anti paparazzi at the moment. Mind you he is getting to be pretty good at the business end of the camera, having been main photographer at the event.

Today, Y, K and I decided to go to Wallington in the North East . We had a really good, if slightly damp time exploring the house and gardens. The walled garden is extensive and has a huge variety of plants and walks. We also ventured out to the river walk which is very pretty, especially if you like tree tunnels as much as I do.

                                            We also spotted a couple of interesting signs.
The one above was stuck in the middle of a bush and k was the only one who could creep around to see what it actually said on the back.

Friday, 11 June 2010

A Day Off

Well well, a genuine day off. Not on "Sick Leave" or holiday but an actual day off. Mmmm could get to like this very much.
Let me introduce you to a very special family member...... Agnes.
She is just about secondary school age and replaced a much older Agnes who lived in the house before we did. This is where we do all of our baking and cooking. She also helps with the ironing and of course keeps the kitchen cosy. It is amazing how people gravitate to leaning on her when visiting. She wouldn't want it any other way.
This morning she helped me to make the Tea Bread posted on the recipe page. (So far the only post there but I will do more eventually).
Also managed a quick trip to town to get the Prom Suit fitted and collected as well as a snoop around the market where
I spotted these beautiful flowers. These are among the first that I've had to buy in over a year as, while I have been off work lots of people have been really generous and kept the house bright with flowers and plants. So far I have even managed to keep most of the plants alive so perhaps there is hope for me yet.
I managed to sneak in a little visit to the local wool shop too and bought some lovely soft yarn. Not real wool but very soft and pretty. Will let you have a look at the results or maybe even the beginings a bit later on.
Have a good, summery weekend.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Back to Work

Well today was the day. Time to go back to work. Only part time for the moment but in a couple of weeks it will be back to full service. Which probably means less time for blogging, making, cooking and everything else. Will just have to make the most of it while there is time.
Was getting very frustrated too with this blog earlier today. I could not (and still haven't) figured out how to put in images exactly where I want them or how to do nice blocks seen in clever blogs. Is there a tutorial out there? Updating the editor bit may help a bit though.

Outside it has been very drippy today, big fat raindrops. It has made everything beautiful and green, even the grass that I scalped yesterday. And the smell is so fresh. honestly you'd think I was writing an advert for fabric conditioner!
Just look what appeared on the wall when the sun did break through for a few minutes.

 Isn't it fabulous?  it looks like the wall is on fire. I'm quite taken with the picture although I'm sure I didn't do it justice.
Hope to see you all again soon for more notes and thoughts.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Wet Weather

As it has been soooooo.... wet today I thought I would take you on a little tour. First though let me show you how wet I mean. I know K shouldn't be on the trampoline in the rain and / or her wellies but as I looked out of the kitchen window this is what I saw and I couldn't resist a quick picture.

Now let me take you on the little tour.
First the Pantry. Well stocked but very messy. It really could do with a sort out.

As you can see I took the pictures on a whim and have not tidied up at all. AND I was probably a wee bit selective. (Ok no probably about it). I wouldn't want anyone to see the real mess although I do know that some of you are braver. Maybe in the future but not today.

A favourite light.

My Scottish roots showing up in here.

Will do some more another day. Maybe even get outside if everything isn't washed away.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sorry to have been away for so long. I was away with K in Aberdeen visiting, getting spoilt, shopping and catching up with friends. We came back yesterday through torrential rain, to find a BBQ already in the making. A lovely surprise and just the thing after a long journey.
Stops were made of course, this time at the Scottish Antique Centre between Perth and Dundee. It is a fantastic place for a snoop, with lots of new things as well as the antiques. The restaurant is pretty good too with yummy cake as well
as meals and snacks. Well worth a trip if near enough or if passing on a longer jaunt.
Today has been all catching up and getting ready for school trips. This of course means shopping. BUT it also meant a trip to Waterstones. You have to stop for coffee sometime you know. And yes I did make a purchase. Sarah Raven's new book: Food for Friends and Family, begged me to buy it and take it home. The pictures are so clear and colourful with recipes that sound as if the family will eat the food. I have already started to make the crystallised ginger which looks great. Hopefully mine will turn out to look similar, just the thing for the ginger shortbread that I have been making recently.
I don't know about you but I have literally hundreds of cookery books.Some have been used time and time again whilst others are really more like picture books. Fabulous to look at but otherwise useless, either too complicated or things that just won't get eaten. Sooooo I've decided to mark off all the recipes as I actually use them. D also suggested that I should write in the changes that I make so that we (mostly he) will know about them in the future. Think I'll give it a go.