Monday, 12 July 2010

White Horse and Cherry Jam

Well what a weekend it has been! First swimming in the lakes very early on Saturday. Then, yesterday, going to see a Classical Riding demonstration near Preston. It was absolutely fantastic although some of it was definitely beyond me. It was enough to sit and watch these fabulous horses being put through their paces. The riders were given instruction on how to improve the way they sat, although if I could manage to be like even the poorest of them it would be a miracle.
On Saturday evening Y and I went out to dinner. (No children remember). On the way back, I remembered that I had seen some cherry trees in a layby very, very near to us. Sure enough they were there and laden with fruit. Y was dispatched at once for tubs and containers. (This was after 10pm, I think he was humouring me!!!).
Today I spent ages pitting the cherries, hence the hands. AND NOW we have cherry jam with Kirtch which I happened to find in the pantry. Just the thing for an added something. Have to admit though that I was quite surprised when it actually set as it is supposed to be devilishly difficult.  To finish off I used some of my new labels, given to me by K as a birthday present.