Sunday, 30 May 2010


Today was a day for exploring. Although we live nearby we hadn'tyet visited the Priory at Lanercost. We had a lovely lunch in the tearoom before exploring the Priory itself. Of course the tearoom
comes complete with the usual gift shop and also has a small but interesting gallery. The weather was a bit of a let down for the time of year, feeling more like March than May. There was a bit
of a down-pour too just look at the size of raindrops on the leaves. It didn't stop us from having a good snoop about before it really did get too chilly. The aerial eating cows avoided us as
well, although it might have been nice to see this new breed. After finishing at the priory we took a short drive to show
our guest Hadrian's Wall which she had not heard of. The walk was a bit rough going so time to go home for tea.

Saturday, 29 May 2010


What a trauma we have had. One hamster (see over), managed to escape from his house. Or should I say a certain human left the escape hatch open and Nosy was on the run for 36 hours. he had managed to move in under the sink in our utility room. Traps were set and ignored. Anyway he re-appeared tonight, just in time to frighten my mother-in-law half to death by running across the living room floor. Re-capture was achieved and peace restored. All pleased, apart from one small cat, who thought she was on to a good thing and was just waiting for an opportune moment. Life in the fast lane!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Jelly and other Pursuits.

It has worked yippee!! Setting has been acheived. Maybe not everyone has will it or won't it moments when making jelly but I certainly do. Today I am the proud owner of several jars of apple and thyme jelly. Delicious with chicken, other meats and cheese.
I think they need some kind of fancy top, material like Kath Kidston or perhaps Ikea just to finish them off.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Odd Smells.

Can you guess what I'm up to? What is going to be made tomorrow?
The house certainly smells a bit odd at the moment. BUT by tomorrow evening it will be yummy (I hope). I will post the results very soon, even if it is a disaster.
I didn't spend all day doing this though, I actually went in to work for a quick meeting and stayed for nearly three hours catching up with all the news and making plans for going back.
Tomorrow is D's last official day at school before exam leave although he is going back into 6th form. It hardly seems any time atal since it was his first day. Still a great bonus is that no more school shirts will be needed for him. A smaller ironing pile, what more could a woman want?
I have even had time for a wee tiny bit of crochet. Slowly, slowly the blanket is growing. Maybe by the time winter arrives it will be big enough to use.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer definitely arrived at the weekend. We had girls camping in the garden, a sleepover with almost no sleep. Lots of tired but happy girls. This called for another BBQ and of course fruit salad.
I also spent some time making the fabulous Granola from Sue's recipe at The Quince Tree.
I don't think this is going to last very long, being very very good with yogurt.
Crochet also had a wee bit of a look in. I'm following the ripple pattern from Attic 24 but making the waves variable in depth. I decided to use mainly blues but with a vibrant pink and some white to give a bit of a lift. K is hoping that this will eventually end up in her bedroom as a blanket. Keep your fingers crossed.
Sunday brought a visit from a gentleman who lived in our house in the 40's. He was able to tell us lots about how the house looked when his family lived here. At the time his father was the Rector for the local church, it being sold in the early 50's when it became too expensive for the church to repair. He brought pictures too which showed that the house has not really changed very much although the garden worked much harder then. They also had live-in help but no heating so I suppose that's a bit of a trade off.
Today has been lots of catching up and visits to the doctor. To stay away from work for another couple of weeks. You know what I am not in the least bothered which for me is a bit weird. I am sure that by the middle of June I will be raring to get back into the thick of it all.

Friday, 21 May 2010

lemony pictures

I'm sure i"ll get the hang of this eventually. Actually getting the pctures and the words together

Salsa and Lemons.

Signs of summer are definitely here. Summer food is called for. Lemons and salsa spring to mind with the possibility of a BBQ later on. Lemon curd was the order of the day. Mind you, this is the first time in years that I have made my own. But lemony sponge just called for this vital ingredient. as you can see it went pretty well.
As for the salsa, this is a summer favourite with all the bright colours and textures. Just perfect for a BBQ with lots of fresh salads and some really good tuna and sardines.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

No hair day

I was going to use this as my profile picture but haven't quite worked out how to do that yet. Actually my hair is begining to grow again anyway so maybeI should get a more up to date piccy to use. Quite good to remember what it was like though for when I get bad hair days in the future.

The begining

Having been inspired by Lucy at Attic24 and Sue at The Quince Tree I have decided to give this blogging game a go.
Having been off work for quite a while now I have really enjoyed catching up on all the news, crafty makes and tasty treats that have appeared in Blogs like the two mentioned above. So much so that I have spent quite a lot of time making things in my own cosy kitchen. Possibly my family may suffer from cupcake withdrawal when I go back to work next week.
Lots of summer ideas are springing up in my mind at the moment which makes a great change from worrying about stuff. So here is to new beginings, lots of colour and yummy things.