Sunday, 20 June 2010

Picnic Time

What more could you want on a sunny Father's Day than a picnic in the Scottish Borders. Yesterday we made the plans but as ever in this country it all depends on the weather. We struck lucky and went for it. We found a spot that we had kind of remembered from a trip years ago on the way back from Hawick. We were joined by some friends although unfortunately someone had to work. Medicine doesn't always fit in with sunny days.

The girls spent quite a while paddling in the river. Even older boys were drawn to the water but for a spot of dam building.

Later we all sat in the sun and compared the size of toes. The two small girls are also facinated by bugs and spent lots of time searching for them and making sure that I was suitably interested. This is quite hard, I really am not a bug kind of person, but some of them were very pretty.

Altogether a very good time was had by all. Sitting, eating, a bit of drinking pink wine mmmm......

The weather stayed kind as we spotted motorbikes by engine sound only. Y and B very good at this. I of course am hopeless.

Hopefully there will be lots more days like this...


  1. You've taken some lovely photos there - I'm especially liking the one of the 2 girls holding hands.