Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Decisions, decisions.

As of last month, we have lived here for 13 years. When we first moved in we were a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place and, with two very small children we rattled around a bit. Quite quickly we got used to the space but not the very 1970's decor. For a long time we had to live with it, swirly carpets and all.
Then slowly, slowly we started to change things. We have done our best to keep the original features of what was a Victorian rectory. This wasn't easy as the family that were here before us had strived to remove all evidence of the Victorians and indeed those that followed. To be fair, the fashion at the time was to modernise whatever the cost. All of the bedroom fireplaces had been removed and it was only good luck and the determination of one builder that stopped the beautiful staircase frome being boxed in.
We reach 2011 with only two rooms left to tackle as things had been put on a back-burner a bit when I was having treatment. Feeling well now, I really want to get going again and perhaps get all the work finished over the next year or so.
The window people are booked to restore the sashes and we can finally take the last bits of secondary glazing to the tip. We'll even be able to open the windows in the lounge or perhaps I should say Drawing Room.
Our bedroom is the only other remaining room and I won't be sorry to see the pink blown vinyl wallpaper being stripped off and replaced. Interestingly this was the only room not painted in a shade of magnolia but it isn't good, not good at all.
So what about THE room? Let me show you what we have now. All suggestions are really welcome because I am well and truly stuck with this one... The room is big, about 17 x 17 feet with south and west facing windows. The shutters will be sorted so that they can actually be used and stripped to a warm pine colour.

I have just started stripping the fireplace which is yellow sandstone under the paint. (what possessed them to paint all the fireplaces I really don't know but  this is the last one to show its true colours). We will also take away the 70's style slate and open up the fireplace a bit. Either a stove or Spanish basket arrangement will be put in depending on what we find when excavations are started.....

The little scrap of paper was just peeking ot when I took a piece of paper off today...

The table has been moved to what will become the dining room but the piano will have to stay, it's just too big to move and although bought originally to take up a bit of space is now well used by no. one son.
Looking forward to your suggestions.