TEABREAD (makes 2)

This really is the easiest ever recipe.
12oz (350g) dried fruit. Any combination that you happen to have cranberries and sultanas work well but then so does everything else.
8oz (225g) light brown sugar. I have used a combination of dark brown and white and that seemed to work out ok too.
1/2 pint (300mls) Hot tea.
10oz (300g) Self raising flour.
1 Large egg.

Mix together the fruit, sugar and tea. Stir well and leave to soak overnight.
Add the egg and the flour. Mix well.
Divide between two 1lb loaf tins and cook at about 170 *c (Baking oven in AGA) for about 40mins.
Once cool keeps well for a few days in an airtight tin.

SHORTBREAD  (makes a batch)

I can't say exactly how many pieces you will get as it depends on the size you cut and the thickness you prefer, but it is a really easy recipe.

9oz (250g) butter
2oz (50g) caster sugar
9oz (250g) plain flour
2oz (50g) cornflour
2 1/2 (75g) rice flour
Pinch of salt

Cream the butter and sugar really well.
Add all the dry ingredients and combine to form a dough.
Knead lightly to bring together then roll out to a sausage shape with your hands. ( a little bit of flour helps here.)
Wrap in parchment or cling film and put in fridge for a good 1/2 an hour or more if you have time.
Cut into rounds with a sharp knife.
bake in baking oven ( around 170*) for about 1/2 an hour or until lightly golden.

Very very good if you add some chopped crystalised ginger or some chocolate chips.
The ginger option is especially good 1/2 dipped in dark chocolate but even the plain kind is pretty good.

40 heads of Elderflowers.  (Best picked when it is sunny).
7lbs Sugar
4 Lemons (sliced)
4oz Citric Acid (You have to buy this at the chemists and convince them that you are not going to use it to cut drugs with).
4 Camden Tablets.
6 Pints of water. (Boiling)

Mix all the ingredients except the Camden tablet until the sugar dissolves.
Cover and leave for 5 days. (Give it a good stir daily)
Strain through a sieve or jelly bag.
Add the crushed Camden tablets and divide between clean sterilised bottles.
Keeps for a year or so if not opened.
Dilute to taste. (It seems to get stronger as it is stored).