Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Well well, another day off. Could get used to this I really could. Work is much, much better when split into small amounts. Have spent the day blogging and cooking and generally pottering. Thought you might like this picture of Ducati. She was aquired in November last year as a very tiny kitten when I was just about to start my Chemotherapy. She really is very nosy and into everything. She particularly likes to drink straight out of the tap. 

Took a few minutes off and looked out my text books. hould really do some work but well there is always something else more interesting.  I am in the middle of doing my medical imaging (ultrasound) course but had to stop because I was off work for so long. Anyway I am back now and have to have an assignement in at the end of September. Hopefuly I will be able to get the images I need soon and then can get going with the written stuff.

Also came across this photo of a prickly pear. A bit of an odd thing to put in here you may be thinking. But our surname:.. Tzabar means prickly pear, so this is our very own plant. It could hardly be more appropriate. See you all again soon and thankyou to all who are following the blog.