Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Back to Work

Well today was the day. Time to go back to work. Only part time for the moment but in a couple of weeks it will be back to full service. Which probably means less time for blogging, making, cooking and everything else. Will just have to make the most of it while there is time.
Was getting very frustrated too with this blog earlier today. I could not (and still haven't) figured out how to put in images exactly where I want them or how to do nice blocks seen in clever blogs. Is there a tutorial out there? Updating the editor bit may help a bit though.

Outside it has been very drippy today, big fat raindrops. It has made everything beautiful and green, even the grass that I scalped yesterday. And the smell is so fresh. honestly you'd think I was writing an advert for fabric conditioner!
Just look what appeared on the wall when the sun did break through for a few minutes.

 Isn't it fabulous?  it looks like the wall is on fire. I'm quite taken with the picture although I'm sure I didn't do it justice.
Hope to see you all again soon for more notes and thoughts.