Sunday, 26 September 2010

Party Party

Some times you just have to have a party.
And so we went from this.....

And this...

To this...

Some people though are just not party people....

A bit of art home work though, well there's a thing......

And the reason for the party?........

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Geeks and Cakes

Thought you might like to see a quick snap of dining / everything room this morning. D and friends were in here yesterday and the boys stayed overnight. They appear to have formed some sort of a geek club. This is what you get........
4 very big computers, 8 screens, some speakers, miles and miles of wires and a fair bit of mess.

On the other hand you could have this:-
When I collected Suzy, the woman I got her from said " well I gee er sum milk wee a wee bitt watter. Sum oh them wee catty biscuits, they're good fur the bowels" Well of course things had to change.... Straight on to the science plan biscuits with the offer of kitten milk (which she won't go near) and a little bit of tuna. (none of us can stand the smell of wet cat food). Suzy was pleased, delighted even until yesterday when this appeared....

Trying out my new Ikea cupcake tin and specially fitting cases to get the quantities right before actually making them for a purpose, K tried one, ( well maybe more than one just to see if they were as expected.) Suzy dived straight in and snatched it from her hand before it could reach her mouth and devoured a whole one. Quite a feat as it is nearly as big as her. They must be ok then!

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tiger Prawn

Asked to describe our new kitten, K said , "well she looks like an uncooked tiger prawn". Says it all !

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Suzy Comes Home

One very laid back kitten taken back to Carlisle. Notice the change of spelling, apparently I had it wrong!

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Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Mart

Rare Breeds Sale today. Some of the rare breeds include

Herdwick Sheep, neatly rounded up this morning.

Coloured pigs.

Jacob's sheep.

Fluffy chicks

Yellow ducklings.

Mart goers. Old and young.

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Thursday, 2 September 2010


Ducati has not come home. We have searched and searched but no luck. I keep thinking that she may turn up but in my heart of hearts know that she won't.
And so, as you do when there's a little empty space in the house you start to look for someone to fill it. We all really miss having a cat to talk to and be bossed by and so when I searched today I found this little lady. Y agreed that I could phone and enquire and well you know how it is.........
K and I will collect Susie (already named by K) on Sunday on the way back from Aberdeen. She will be a well travelled kitten and you never know, may even get to like the car. On the other hand she may cry and wee all over my prized car but that's cats for you...
Updates at the begining of the week.
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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

In The Pink.

Having taken K to Aberdeen on Sunday, Igot ready for work yesterday only to discover that I had left my makeup in the north. What to do? Well I did what any other mother of a 13 year old girl did and tried to raid her bedroom. No go. All things taken across the border or well hidden.
THEN I remembered my special occasion lipstick. The lovely pink one that smells of roses instead of some dubious fatty stuff.

Very decadent to wear to work and why not? I think it's time to use this every day and make every day special.