Friday, 11 June 2010

A Day Off

Well well, a genuine day off. Not on "Sick Leave" or holiday but an actual day off. Mmmm could get to like this very much.
Let me introduce you to a very special family member...... Agnes.
She is just about secondary school age and replaced a much older Agnes who lived in the house before we did. This is where we do all of our baking and cooking. She also helps with the ironing and of course keeps the kitchen cosy. It is amazing how people gravitate to leaning on her when visiting. She wouldn't want it any other way.
This morning she helped me to make the Tea Bread posted on the recipe page. (So far the only post there but I will do more eventually).
Also managed a quick trip to town to get the Prom Suit fitted and collected as well as a snoop around the market where
I spotted these beautiful flowers. These are among the first that I've had to buy in over a year as, while I have been off work lots of people have been really generous and kept the house bright with flowers and plants. So far I have even managed to keep most of the plants alive so perhaps there is hope for me yet.
I managed to sneak in a little visit to the local wool shop too and bought some lovely soft yarn. Not real wool but very soft and pretty. Will let you have a look at the results or maybe even the beginings a bit later on.
Have a good, summery weekend.

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