Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Stone Walled

Sometimes walls just kind of creep up on you. We spent the day wandering around Barcelona, snooping into alleyways and marvelling at vistas. I thought you might like to see some of the walls that I found....

The streets are very narrow around here. The traffic police have to use scooters to get about.
Up towards the castle these bricks are used nearly everywhere.
But on the ground other things are embedded to add interest and texture, or sloppiness if it's wet!!!

Very clever though.
Old fashioned cobbles vie with arty bits on the Chinese restaurant exterior.
Combinations of brick and tile are also very popular.

Or you could go for the really over the top look......

I think I like this one though.....
Or maybe this...
Or even this..
Walls in a nutshell!

The Special Menu

Having never tried one of these types of menu, where you get...
A) What you are given. (Actually this is what we have at home).
B) lots of courses. (Not what we get at home).
We thought it was time to give it a go. And this is what we ate....

A pre starter of Sherry Bloody Mary with Parmesan Lollipop.

An extremely tasty Duck Ravioli, yes kids mushrooms were involved.

Fish, described as "typical Mediterranean" complete with silver guilder violet potato. The waiter was a bit sad that I had realised that it was indeed a potato.

Main course of Duck, easily the best course!

Never had pre-dessert before but here you are, yogurt mousse with red berries.

All rounded off by deconstructed tiramisu. Don't get me wrong dessert was nice but kind of disappointing. I thought it would finish on a bang but more like a banger.
All of the courses were tiny but we finished feeling we had had enough but were not totally stuffed which was good. Back to like it or lump it tomorrow though!!