Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Blogging and Random Thoughts

Just felt the need for a quick blog today. Isn't it amazing how you get hooked. I keep looking just to see if I've had any visitors, in fact I think most of the hits may be me looking to see if anyone else is dropping by. Is that sad, or needy or what?

Also been to a meeting about K going off to Italy on a school trip. how exciting is that. Not the meeting. The trip sounds fab, wish it was me that  was going. Mind you, someone who needs to snooze like this..........

May find it hard to sleep overnight on a bus full of very excited teenagers.
Have been having a peek at lots of other blogs over the last few days. how on earth do you all manage to do these fatastic blocks of photos? Any hints and tips would be really appreciated.

Saw this bike advertising a local cafe and thought you might like to seeit. Summer in a bike if you can have such a thing!


  1. Ooh cat paws!!
    I think your photos are fab and I'm quite sure it's not my blog you are referring to!

  2. The blogging thing can really take hold can't it? It's been killing me that I haven't really been able to blog these past few weeks, I keep wanting to go on and then saying to myself "seriously, no" - there's just too much going on for me to even contemplate it. But hopefully next week I can begin in earnest.

    Loving the cat paws!

  3. Thankyou for zll your comments. I would have written earlier but our internet connection just gave up yesterday.