Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Pleasant, pheasant presents.

Some presents come wrapped and ready to enjoy, this one needed a little more work, the enjoyment being postponed just a little. The anticipation was all a part of the deal.

Some of you, I know would be put off by this whole process but as I grew up watching the real deal it wasn't a problem.
First undress your bird. Actually the recipe called for plucking which I wasn't about to do and opted for undressing followed by using the legs and breast only. (you'd think I was a bloke!)
Add extra ingredients such as these suggestions from "Snow Flakes and Schnapps" by Jane Lawson....

The result a very tasty roast matched beautifully with creamy mash and cabbage. A part of the pleasantness was the fact that I only got one complaint and that was from K, who in the food stakes, doesn't count.
I have sooooooo many recipe books and have decided to actually try out some of the recipes instead of sticking to the same old same old.
All in all a very pleasant pheasant!