Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Day in the Life of...

Today was not unusual. I am looking forward to my holiday..... Of course...but obviously my patients do not know about this and any excitement has to be tempered!
So what I'd I do?
I scanned several women. All hoped for the best but like Jack Reacher (Lee Child's character) I was planning for the worst. Emotions as usual ran high and low. Pregnancies confirmed with all the expectation that this brings and miscarriages sadly diagnosed leading to tears and upset.
All this of course is normal for me, some days better than others.
Today had added strands....
I became a couple counsellor to the pair having a stand up fight in the waiting room....
I discussed returning to work with a colleague who had been off for a while after a difficult time.
I planned a presentation for the Friday teaching. ( and actually got around to writing some of it).
I chased up results.
I planned appointments for next week when I'm on holiday. (Did I mention holidays?).
I organised a referral for a lady needing assistance with her diabetes.
I sorted out two appointments for women to get coils fitted.
I spoke on the phone to 3 GPs including one who was being very stroppy on behalf of her patient (this needless to say didn't work, even I cannot magic up appointments from thin air).
I started working out another weeks off duty for my staff. (Including all requests for days off, annual leave, clinic cancellations and additions as well as medical leave coverage, a walk in the park really).
And lastly I managed to show off my latest cake picture.... Always time for cake...

I hope your day was as varied as mine.....