Not a fabulous picture but the best I could find on a quick trawl through my cache. Taken a year or so ago in Huntly. Don't let the sun fool you it was probably freezing, hence the big jacket.
My hair looks really brown here and to think I was worried about a few grey ones sneaking in!
Little was I to know then what was to happen within a few weeks.
Breast screening was quickly followed by a Biopsy, Mastectomy and Chemotherapy.

Ah the no hair look. Taken in Nice in early March of this year. I had finished my Chemotherapy at the end of January and we made a break for it before I had to go back into hospital for another little operation. funnily enough I didn't mind the bald look apart from being a bit chilly.
I remember climbing the steps up to the gardens and waterfall above the city feeling as if I was about 100.

Another work in progress.