Monday, 7 June 2010

Wet Weather

As it has been soooooo.... wet today I thought I would take you on a little tour. First though let me show you how wet I mean. I know K shouldn't be on the trampoline in the rain and / or her wellies but as I looked out of the kitchen window this is what I saw and I couldn't resist a quick picture.

Now let me take you on the little tour.
First the Pantry. Well stocked but very messy. It really could do with a sort out.

As you can see I took the pictures on a whim and have not tidied up at all. AND I was probably a wee bit selective. (Ok no probably about it). I wouldn't want anyone to see the real mess although I do know that some of you are braver. Maybe in the future but not today.

A favourite light.

My Scottish roots showing up in here.

Will do some more another day. Maybe even get outside if everything isn't washed away.