Friday, 7 January 2011

Cake and Jam

Today has been a cake and jam sort of a day. Well it was really cold and what else is a girl to do?
I started off with the cake, although yesterday I had a go at some dairy free cupcakes as I have been asked to do some for a birthday and wasn't sure how they would turn out, so needed a practice. ...

They look fine and tasted ok but a little bit different in texture to the usual ones. Any tips greatly appreciated.
Today's cake was a birthday present from D to one of his friends. (who happens to be a girl) hence the Red Velvet and Roses job. He has just come back from the party where it seems to be much appreciated....

I tried to do the full presentation bit and came up with this...

Now for the jam. This turned out to be VERY high faff jam. I had been given Tessa Kiros's book, Apples for Jam at Christmas and it has a recipe for mandarin jam. It took ages to prepare the fruit and seemed to take longer than suggested to reach a set. But, this may have been down to Agnes the Aga having been used a lot today. From a first taste it is almost a cross between marmalade and jam, not too sweet and nicely citrusy.

I've used my new Moo Cards as little labels this time as I was sooooo excited when I got them and have been desperate to use them since they hit the doormat.
All of this activity has taken my mind off my arm but I'm getting a bit tired now so may have to calm down a bit tomorrow.