Monday, 28 June 2010


As it is such a wet day, I thought that you might like to meet some of my other friends. At the moment we meet every Friday, but only for an hour or so. Actually I'm not too sure that the aristocratic one on the left is actually my friend. (He's a bit haughty). It is all really good fun, but a certain amount of dressing properly is required. I'm slowly learning to be more confident again having not ridden for a very long time. BUT a daughter who is very keen has given me a bit of a push. Well that and the thought that she mght be getting to do something that I really enjoyed and I wasn't. Are you supposed to be jealous of your children? Probably not. Anyway it was time I did something for me so here it is. Along with the baking and hooky of course. Don't get too wet
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