Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What a Result!!!

Ok I'm boasting. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, BUT, the GCSE reults are out and I AM SO PROUD of D he has really excelled himself and I just wanted everyone to know.
Thankyou for putting up with mother ramblings.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Holidays and Home Again

As you can see I was up really early, prancing around outside in time to see the sunrise. I don't know if this was excitement or worry that we would miss the bus. We had decided to do the trip on public transport and it required 8 different vehicles.
It actually proved to be really easy and we hardly had to wait any time atall for connections, especially once we reached Holland. Must also say though that the buses and trains there were much cleaner too, run by polite people and on time. Mmmm maybe we could learn something.

This is a picture of most of us gathered on The King of Scandinavia. The weather was great and we even managed a drink in the outside bar before dinner.

Picking out your bike in Holland took on a whole new meaning. This was one of the smaller bike parks. One of the ones we spotted in Amsterdam was a multi-storey affair. All the cycles looked fairly similar but everyone seems to find their own.

We were given these four to use for the week.I decided to give mine a name:-  Harriet, much to 
the disgust of the other 3.Both D and K managed to fall off, both after collisions with their dad I think.

We also enjoyed a birthday whilst away, although cake as we know it is thin on the ground. We did find some very nice Dutch ones, just not candle material.

As some of you spotted, we were indeed at Centre Parcs. This little fella came to visit on a couple of evenings. So close that you could actually touch him before he scuttled off back to the trees.

Unfortunately when we came back we heard that Ducati has been missing since the day we left. So far i have looked everywhere that I can think of and K was busy writing out postcards as I left for work this morning Hopefully she will find her way back.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A quick cup of coffee to try out mobile blogging

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The Missing Pictures.

As I have received so many lovely comments about the last post, I thought that you might like to see some of the other pictures.
The car is made entirely from Ferrari symbols which, as you can imagine was a big hit with the boys.

The piano is made from casette tapes which K could barely remember. How scary is that?
I'm sorry this one is not so clear but the reflections from the window made it a bit hard to capture, and the fact that there were queues of people all trying to take pictures as well.

The dress was actually not at harvey Nics but at a little boutique in Covent Garden. It is made from dress shirts and is displayed in the Agnes B shop. The artist is Amido.

This is a part of the pencil tree at Harvey Nics. The whole tree didn't come out too well in the photos again due to the reflections in the window but I quite like this small part.

All of the displays are really very clever. I would definitely visit again if in London to look at the window even if I didn't go any further, although it is very tempting..........
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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

London and Home Again

We have been to London. Not such a big deal except that for reasons I won't go into we had to drive. It is a long way BUT our young people are now well trained in the act of car jouneys and didn't complain too much. This was helped by stops at Ikea on both legs of the trip as it is much nicer than the services and cheaper too. We had a bit of a look about and actually left without buying anything except for a plant as a gift.

In London as the boys attended to the bussiness end of the trip k and I hit the shops. Well mostly Harrods but a couple of other places as well. We really went for the atmosphere and not to buy anything (we were really very good) but we did succumb to morning coffee at one of the many eating places. I have to admit that it really really was fantastic although as you can imagine very pricey. I think this must be THE most expensive stawberry tart in the whole of the UK if not the world.
Then it was off to wander round the shop. I actually like the foodhalls the best and could spend hours there looking at all of the displays. K however was much more taken by this gentleman here. Luckily there was not enough room in the car.....

The two of us were absolutely enthralled at the Harvey Nics window display. So much so that we took the boys back on the Sunday so that they could see them too.

Aren't they just amazing. Even D thought that they were good and that is really saying something.
We got back yesterday just in time to ice the birthday cake that I had been asked to make for a friend's little boy. They haven't seen it yet so I hope it is ok, but I thought that I would give you a sneek preview........

Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Mini Walk and Summer Treats.

Last week Maxi (my mini), demanded a service. i knew this was coming up as the little light had flashed orange for a couple of weeks but when it turned red it was time to do something about it. Anyway all went well and as it was a lovely day, dry for once I decided to walk the mile and a half or so to the garage. Much to D's disgust I decided to take along both the camera and him. Honestly it was enough to turn me into a raging old person. This is what i found........

Does no-one put their rubbish in the bin anymore? I think that my parents may have cut off my hands if we had done this. The pathway that we walked along has only been tarred over in the last 3 weeks and they had rolled cans into the verge and had tossed cones under the hedge adding to all of the mess.
Back to better things....Summer means one thing on the food front:.. berries to be used in all sorts of ways but especially like this....

Hope you are all enjoying the summer holidays.