Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Weekend.

The weekend started out with making or rather finishing off the chilli jelly that I had started off on Friday. It is from Sarah Raven's new book and was really easy to do with very pretty results. Just the right amount of heat too, having taken out about 1/2 of the seeds. We should have enough now to last us quite a while!

Yesterday was Prom day and we actually managed to snatch a photo, admittedly not a very good one, as D is very anti paparazzi at the moment. Mind you he is getting to be pretty good at the business end of the camera, having been main photographer at the event.

Today, Y, K and I decided to go to Wallington in the North East . We had a really good, if slightly damp time exploring the house and gardens. The walled garden is extensive and has a huge variety of plants and walks. We also ventured out to the river walk which is very pretty, especially if you like tree tunnels as much as I do.

                                            We also spotted a couple of interesting signs.
The one above was stuck in the middle of a bush and k was the only one who could creep around to see what it actually said on the back.