Thursday, 12 January 2012

How Clean is your Fridge?

I'm sure most of you run a pretty tight ship,  with perhaps just a few lapses here and there...
Well i probably do as well until I get the phone call to say that Environmental Health are coming along to do my "initial check". Actually from my point of view it wasn't so initial... I had called them up last year knowing that I should register. better to get in there first before there were any problems and all that...
And so yesterday, after a full day at work I tackled the fridge.
Now I don't know about you but Christmas and New Year were not all that long ago and well let's just say that things mount up.. Like all the jars that never got quite finished. The small bits of cheese that are too good to throw away but never actually got eaten. don't forget the liquid cucumber that lurks about at the bottom or the jar of goose fat that may be from the Christmas before last. Oh and the sour dough starter... not sure about how they will feel as I am trying to keep the bacteria alive in the fridge.
Now its all gone.  We have the cleanest fridge north of the Watford gap and maybe south of it too. ( I didn't throw out the starter though I just put it elsewhere for the visit. I mean.. it's part of the family.)
And what happened after all that and the rest of the scrubbing and cleaning that I did? (Not that I was paranoid or anything, but you know....)
The woman came in, had a cup of coffee ( almost cheered then, thought it can't be too bad if she's prepared to have a drink. Or she has a cast iron stomach after years of practice.) Said mmm very clean, you obviously know what you are doing, we'll see you again, or maybe send a questionnaire in 3 years....... You can't win.
What else have I been up to?  Doing my Health and Hygiene certificate... common sense but there you go...Making cake, making cake and making cake....

Bit of Make Up Anyone?
Cherry Almond
A Racy Little Number
To Cheer You Up
Be back soon with the cheese story...........