Wednesday, 19 May 2010

No hair day

I was going to use this as my profile picture but haven't quite worked out how to do that yet. Actually my hair is begining to grow again anyway so maybeI should get a more up to date piccy to use. Quite good to remember what it was like though for when I get bad hair days in the future.

The begining

Having been inspired by Lucy at Attic24 and Sue at The Quince Tree I have decided to give this blogging game a go.
Having been off work for quite a while now I have really enjoyed catching up on all the news, crafty makes and tasty treats that have appeared in Blogs like the two mentioned above. So much so that I have spent quite a lot of time making things in my own cosy kitchen. Possibly my family may suffer from cupcake withdrawal when I go back to work next week.
Lots of summer ideas are springing up in my mind at the moment which makes a great change from worrying about stuff. So here is to new beginings, lots of colour and yummy things.