Friday, 14 January 2011

Crossing the Border.

I'm writing this as I click clack my way over the border on the way to Aberdeen.

Usually I drive but as this is not an option at the moment I am venturing out by train. Actually I love the train. The steady rhythm and hum from the rails, but often have too many people, too much stuff and the need for freedom at the other end to allow for train travel.
As I write we have crossed the border. The mists are creeping in and Scotland is at her wintry best. It's dreich, it's right. I'm heading for the capital before, how do you say it?, onward transition.

Isn't it amazing how many people have to constantly eat while travelling. Even Scotland can provide food at the other end. And the phone! Surely anyone with a need to know is already aware that you are on the train. It will arrive when it arrives, they don't need to know every small hamlet you have passed and, where the train doesn't stop anyway, honestly they don't.
A weekend away, my parents as yet unaware of my visit, possibly a surprise, possibly a shock as I'm staying in the child free zone that is my sister's.
Maybe I'll see the sea this time, cold but spectacular in the granite city. I've got the camera packed so watch out for the next post.
From abroad, or home depending on how you look at it.....