Wednesday, 17 April 2013

And the Panda has it.

I don't know what you all think of zoos. It can be contentious. Some see them as keeping rare breeds alive whilst others think that all the animals should be allowed to roam free.
I can see both points of view. However I might be a bit anxious about suddenly turning urban, zoo dwelling animals into the wilds of Africa (or anywhere else that their ancestors were originally from). Even the native species may have some issues with having to hunt for their own dinner....a bit like teenagers!
Therefore it was with mixed feelings that i agreed to take K to Edinburgh zoo.
On the one hand I had been there many times with my own grandparents until it was decided that we were too old and it was time we went castle spotting instead. ( I seem to remember i was about 8 when that happened). On the other hand my daughter is nearly 16 and usually much more keen on shopping.

The girl had a plan though.... She wanted to see the Pandas.. And reasoned that a morning would be enough for the zoo and we might fit in a bit of retail therapy (her choosing, me paying) before heading home. The gauntlet was firmly cast by her saying that we might be able to go by train and even have something to eat ( you could have wine mum). And that as they say was that.......

The tickets were booked. One up for the family rail card. The viewing window (appointments only for these pandas) were organised and off we went.

We're all going to the zoo tomorrow (well today actually...)
It couldn't have been easier...
*The train arrived on time.
* The bus driver was really helpful and we got off right outside the zoo.
* The pandas are far better than me at keeping to booked appoitments.
*The shops were very accomidating and allowed me to spend lots of money. (The daughter is not a          cheap date..)

The Boy Has to Eat
Lots.. He's Building Himself up Apparently...for the BIG EVENT
 We had a brilliant and very full day. So much so that we missed our intended train and took the last one home. (food and wine required). This involved a change and a short wait at Carstairs but luckily we escaped being kept. (Scottish State Prison for those that didn't know).

Much needed refreshments...

Oh No there's two of Them... (Too much wine?)

Quite taken with this pair too

Another cat perhaps?

A bit of boy love going on here...

Home to make the big 50 cake

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