Saturday, 6 April 2013

The sun has got it's hat on, it's coming out to play.....

 It is the 6th of April and at last the sun has come out and the temperatures have soared above zero......

It's time to go out and play. I haven't been very keen about getting on my bike, even although I love it. My Bianchi Blue as I call her. She is truly beautiful. BUT that it not make getting on any better and so last week... I eventually succumbed and got Y to put her on the trainer where I did exactly 2 rides
Not very good! And I had to be bribed (by myself only) that if I rode on the trainer I could watch Paul Hollywood on catch up while I was doing the ride. This ensured that I stayed where I was for the full half an hour....
The Man Himself

You must admit though that Bianchi Blue looks much better outside....

The birds were singing the flowers are beginning to appear, the farmers are spreading slurry... the joys of the countryside. I only did 10 miles today (well 9.74 if we are being really accurate) BUT did you know that that equels 460 calories? sorry got to go and plan the next calorie burn....Have a good week


  1. I bought a bike in September and have bee on it three times. That works out at about £100 per go!!!! I must get it out of the garage again one day soon.
    Kathy x

  2. It's hard the third time is the worst I think but it gets better and better after that. It's lovely being in the open air away from all the noise Take care maybe we should do a get on your bike blog??