Monday, 30 September 2013

Where Has The Time Gone?

Once again I have said that I will be back soon and then failed miserably.
What can I say? Must try harder... many times over the past few weeks and months I have composed a post in the middle of the night when sense said that I should be asleep. By the morning all thoughts had disappeared in a flurry of getting to work, cleaning student houses (have you seen the state of them?) or generally living life.
Enough is enough though I have missed out on blog postings for far too long and I have stored up many many thoughts and ponderings. I will have to go slowly though  as I really don"t want to over whelm anyone.....
I will start with this weekend and work back if I may as I don't want to have you laughing too much at this time of the evening...

Y for some reason best known to himself and a few other mad people decided to go for a night time cycle ride. OK you might think what is solo bad? Well for a start it was night. Starting at 10pm and riding from Carlisle to Newcastle, about 65 miles. Before you ask no I was not daft enough to go but and here is the BUT he discovered that one of the riders was organising a ride in aid of the local hospice on Sunday and would I be interested? Well yes 100Km doesn't sound too far and it was mostly flat........ Truthfully it was mostly flat but the wind was something best described as a challenge. (Keep it polite).

The wind blowing the tops from the waves on the Solway coast

It was well organised, plenty of feed stops all providing flapjack. Actually if I see another bit of flapjack ever it may well be too soon.

Anyway in the end I finished it. Amazingly I can still walk, Would I do it again? Yes but maybe not for a wee while and please no more flapjack......

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