Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day

Now I do know that this means different things to all of us. But part of me (possibly the OCD mean part) thinks it should be banned. Actually no I think it is great when you have small children and they get together with your husband / partner and create a nice day. Perhaps a small pressie and a card or two with breakfast in bed made by said adult. At the other end of the scale what better way to remember mum when you have left home, by actually getting a card and some flowers and getting them there on the right day.
What I am really winging about is the middle road... Teenage children who make breakfast in bed..... the kitchen looks like world war 3 happened and you are the only survivor. Or "I've made a cake and am making dinner tonight"... Translate as I've used every cooking utensil that you own, some of which may never be the same again. I'm just about to go to work but don't worry about the mess I'll sort it when I get back... Ahhhhh......
To be truthful breakfast was lovely including the daffodils "stolen" from the village green. Dinner will be fantastic.. the boy can cook but cleaning up lessons may be included in all Christmas stockings this year.

So what did I do to relax? made hot cross buns of course....

This has been a rather good weekend though.. The spring sunshine spurred K and I to take a trip to Silloth. It's about as far west as you can get here with views across the Solway to Scotland....

You have to go for the weird pictures as well of course...

And apart from this...

What most reminds you of Spring? For me rhubarb is up there with the best and as it was a last bake for the cafe Fiona Cairns provided the best recipe ever.. Rhubarb Crumble Cake...

It was really good and great fun whilst it lasted but the boys have gone their separate ways and so no more baking for me at least not for the moment. (Apart from at home that is).


  1. Hello dear was lovely to receive your comment today, so lng since we 'visited' it seems! I've never experienced a 'real' Mother's Day of course...but Alice 'bought' me a card & a beautiful skirt today! the card reminded me inside (in hand-writing suspiciously like Paul's) that 'the skirt is for walking in!!'
    The rhubarb crumble cake looks amazing. Hope all are well xoxo Rachel

    1. Alice obviously is well settled into the first group of those for whom mother's day is appropriate!! Great to hear from you x

  2. I have a problem with Mothering Sunday becoming so commercial - I gave my mother some daffodils & spent time with her but my two did buy me an orchid as I've been saying how much I love them ( never used to like orchids ) It was a lovely day all together but during the week, I saw people buying HUGE gifts in shops and felt that somewhere we have lost the plot !
    Lovely photos x