Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Big Cheese

I have been promising this post for a while. It has taken quite a bit of this time to actually sign in to my blog. (Obviously I have taken so long that things have been updated, changed modernised or otherwise interfered with)
Anyway, ages ago I went to the Good Food Show along with 3 friends. It was a fantastic day out. lots of food (of course) Lots of alcohol (just as well we had taken a taxi from the hotel....). AND the British Cheese Championships. I have never seen so much cheese in one place. The smell was .... interesting, some good some not so good and bearing in mind that the cheese had sat in the hall for quite a few days by this time, some just plain bad... No tasting was allowed in the interests of Health and Safety... makes you wonder how good the cheese actually was.

Some Were Vintage
Held in Tight
Some Wore Blankets
A Crust To Be Proud Of.
A Stilton Well Matured.
You Can't Tell A Cheese By Its Cover.

Here is something else that might make you wonder what exactly is beneath the cover....
Hopefully it won't be so long before I make it back again...


  1. ooh I like your grapey background - just the job with cheese ! The smell must have been interesting ! I like your photos. I had Blogger problems too which were very frustrating. I changed to Google Chrome as a server & it's settled down, but now I seem to get asked two unreadable words on the verification ! aaarrrggghhh !

  2. Nice to see you back Helen. The smell in the hall was probably reminiscent of my sons' socks! I am having problems wih my computer, apparently computer Doc says it is terminal. It is an old machine and a minor miracle it is still chugging along.

    The cheese with a blanket above looks very interesting if not exactly edible. No wonder they stopped the tasting sessions, elf and safety would have had an apoplexy.