Thursday, 29 November 2012

I know I've been busy and its been ages but I didn't expect to find it so hard to return to the Blog... First of course I'd forgotten how to sign in and then needed help, then got frustrated and thought .. Oh just forget it all again. Then ... no I've been meaning to do this for ages and Ive got things to say and pictures, loads of pictures and so here goes....

I've been busy! Haven't we all? Well yes but somehow life took over. D went off to University after exams and stuff. There was the leaving ceremony and concert and exams.... Then he got appendicitis after only a couple of weeks which involved mad dashes to Manchester... K decided to join the Tanzanian link at school which is great and been going strong for 25 years but involves cake and Christmas puddings (100and counting ) and work. There's always work... Never mind the plunge has been taken and I have returned.
Thought I might start with a Restaurant review, well 2 actually...
I was down in London (for work) with some colleagues and we decided to take the plunge and go to a known celebrity restaurant. After much searching and calculating what we could actually afford we hit upon going to Maze. We had a fantastic time. The staff were friendly, helpful and not at all pushy. We had booked for the early evening Wine Flights menu but were persuaded by the Sommelier that we would be better off choosing wine from the menu. Avoiding the bottle at £2700 we did extremely well and had a very enjoyable evening. We were allowed to stay as long as we wanted (4 hours) and are still talking about the evening...

Beef and mashed potato like never before... small but fabulous!
Clementine Something ... Extremely tasty!

What else though ? it's not all about the food is it? Or am i missing something? It has to be about the whole experience.. we paid perhaps a bit more than we normally would especially coming from Cumbria. The portions were smaller although definitely plenty as we had 4 courses no it was something else that stuck in my mind and put my arm up my back to tell you all about it... The toilets!
I expected better! I was in a "posh" place! they were clean (isn) but nothing to write home about. ( why am I here?) I know i expected better. perhaps space is a premium but come on...
The following night a couple of us braved the Tube system and went to Marco Pierre White's Steak and Ale House at Liverpool Street. The place was completely different. The atmosphere loud and buzzing. The portions huge ( careful on the set price menu though as it doesn't include side dishes). The toilets mediocre. Cramped and only just tidy and clean. Had to sit on the loo with my foot holding the door shut. Surely this is a let down? can we not expect better when splashing out to go somewhere as a special treat?.... I think i might have to concentrate on a toilet review it's obviously closer to my heart that the food...


  1. Yay Helen! You're lovely to see this post! I SO agree with you about restaurant fact, last year I had the idea of having a blog about that very subject. I started to take pictures in every place we went (some are stunning!) but it went by the wayside, somehow. It sounds weird, but really it's not as I think it's these 'tucked away' spaces that show how a restaurant really cares for its customers! Hope you will be posting again soon & sending much love 'oop North'! xoxo Rachel

  2. Welcome back, Helen. So lovely to have you back in blogland again. You've been missed.
    I'd have expected clean and well maintained toilets too. Surely it's not too much to ask. I'd have complained about not being able to lock the door too.

  3. Thank you both for replying so quickly. Having been away so long I really wasn't expecting anyone to look..
    Funnily enough Rachel I thought about the same thing when I was in the first of these toilets. A new blog perhaps .... Toilets of the restaurant trade? Choose your restaurant by how many stars the loo gets?
    I didn't complain but perhaps should have. I think I have got used to having to hold the door shut into any places.. This doesn't excuse the standard though and we probably should complain more about the basics..
    When I did mention at the local pub that I wouldn't be back until they fixed the lock in the ladies it took 4 months... Not high up on. He list of things to do. X