Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Week of the Cake

As most of you know by now cake in this house isn't unusual. However this week there has been a surge in birthdays and other celebrations ending in a 0. This of course calls for cake. (Not one of which I hasten to add is for us just in case you were concerned for our health or indeed weight).....
First there is the Chanel Handbag Cake for a friend's daughter........

Then there is the mud and creatures for small (ish) boys going to camp....

Another friend celebrates the BIG ...0 (mustn't let on how old a lady actually is (don't look too closely at the writing just in case you get a glimpse...

Kind of last but not least we have the elegant Cherry Almond birthday cake for yet another friend. (Note the careful exclusion of any numbers on this one)..

And there we have it not including the meringues for the junior medical staff who finish with us tomorrow and the white chocolate and raspberry muffins that were made on the spur of the moment yesterday morning at 1/2 past 6. ( I think I might have actually lost the plot but don't worry the wine is now poured... no more cake until next week....). have a good weekend. x


  1. Wow Helen...they all look amazing!! The boot is fantastic. I just do not do 'beautiful' cakes at all. No skill or patience for them. You really have the touch! In answer to your question on my blog - no, I hardly ever rest. Dream about it, but t never happens. Each week just seems to be busier than the last...good I know, but it can be exhausting! We are 'up the smoke' this weekend too...Rami has my number if you are in the Marylebone area. I'd love to meet you - but no pressure, sure we will have other opportunities. have a great weekend xo R

  2. Helen those cakes are absolutely wonderful, the Chanel bag is inspired. I love the witty credit card touch too. They must take you hours to decorate.

  3. I am in awe. That Chanel bag is unbelievable! The mud cake is brilliant as well - can't get my head around it all.

  4. These are incredible ! I am so impressed !

  5. You are amazing Helen!!!!

    Lucky, lucky people....xx