Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Tour de Force

Now I don't know if any of you are inspired by the Tour de France, but there is something about the whole event that makes me want to get on my bike. Maybe it's all that pitting man ( never woman you notice!) against the elements or the fact that the underdog always has a chance however small, that gets me hooked year after year. That and the fact that at 7pm every evening the telly is switched on to watch the highlights programme.
Anyway I might have mentioned this in a round about way to Y (other 1/2), how silly can one woman get?
It was decided that we would go out on our respective bikes and take a bit of a ride at my pace. I should have known better. (for lots of reasons big and small I  haven't been on the bike for about a year). This is a man who regularly goes for 60 miles just for the sheer pleasure of it.
Things were going well until about 15 miles in when I mentioned lunch. Well... If you need a stop I suppose we could get a bite to eat. Did I ever...

This picture was taken not long after our stop. The pose looks relaxed... I think I may be holding myself up by the way marker so as to not look too wussy. I even felt quite relieved a few miles on when Y got a puncture and we had to stop to let him mend it. My rear end certainly needed the break. After that I could feel myself starting to whinge a bit, ok more than a bit...
In the end we got back (remember this was at my pace so it took quite a while). We had covered 26 miles, fitted in some lunch in somewhere around 3 hours including puncture time. BUT the best thing of all... His Garmin thingy worked out that we had used around 1003 calories. No guilt in that biscuit with my tea!
And I can walk today, just don't want to think what I'll be like tomorrow. X
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  1. Wow! I'm very impressed!!!!
    Well, we watch the Tour de France every evening too, but wild horses wouldn't get me on a bike!!!! Far too dangerous .... you might get knocked off by a media car!!!! I watch it for the scenery, and to see what the weather's like, because we'll be out there very soon.
    Hope you can walk tomorrow!

  2. Helen your picture seems to have gone!

    So many miles on a bike, I have to confess it would have killed me! Much respect coming from a lazy person.

  3. You look great - well done you ! Hubby's father was a professional cyclist ( rather famous in his day ) I have cycled with them... badly !!! Ah well, it takes all sorts to make the world go round !