Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Jaunt

I know it's Burn's Night and awe that, but I'm sure plenty of other people will post about it and the merits or otherwise of haggis with or without gravy, (don't get me started). So I thought I would tell you about a discovery that was made today. Well actually the theoretical discovery was made sometime before Christmas when one of my friends told me about the website, and we had a lovely afternoon exploring by computer.
BUT today we went and saw and oh yes bought. It was tempting, very, very tempting. beautiful things as well as some bits and bobs that would be very welcome to come home with me....

Some lovely, soft French string perhaps?

Some feather dusters? Small, large or enormous?

And then the things that were too tempting to ignore..... The Pink Milk Glass Cake Stand...
(Sorry about the picture, by the time i got home the light wasn't too good. I'm sure it will feature lots in posts to come.)

The dishcloths all presented in a special carton. Available in a variety of toning colours.

Or how about matching French soaps and washing cloths.... no I didn't succumb to those as well but another visit may well be on the cards...

And where is this fabulous place? Follow the link (fingers crossed it works)... just don't look if feeling weak in the face of temptation. You have been warned!


  1. Your link worked! IT WORKED! HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT SITE?????!!!!!!

    (PS: Haggis and gravy=bleuch. Haggis and tatties and neeps=heaven!)

  2. Oooooo pretty things - I'm off to check out your link. Thanks xxx

  3. Wow !
    I'm doing a Burns' supper tomorrow & will post about it after. Never used to do gravy but do now with a sausage for those that simply can't eat Haggis !

    My friend Jayne made a deal with my husband that if she ate some haggis he had to eat his neeps which he was trying to hide at the time !

  4. Your blog looks more beautiful than ever! I love the photos. Thank you so much as well for your comments on mine - yes, I'm being careful and trying to stop slowly rather than suddenly - but not feeling very 'full'. Certainly do not want to end up with mastitis as I've heard about that from other people! Just been looking at a preview of 'Birth Territory', ed. by Kathleen Fahy and others - think it's maybe as well I didn't read it BEFORE I gave birth - though I wish I had first time round (the first, emergency, c. section was not a surprise with hindsight....). I love haggis pie by the way - but it has to have gravy. I imagine the Barbie cake was for Amy? Very professional and very impressive!

  5. Thank you all for your comments and for visiting Like it or Lump it.