Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sleepover Whoopie

How far would your heart sink if no. one child announced a sleepover, in your house with 14 of them expected? Mmmm I know! Well let me tell you that my heart sank just as low. With hind site though it needn't have bothered.

I used the occaision to try out Whoopie pies. I hadn't made these before and an audience of teenagers was not to be missed.  They didn't look too promising prior to baking.....

I think they lasted about 5 minutes after they were baked and filled. Definitely a recipe to be repeated! Chocolate Whoopie with marshmallow filling. The actual "pie" is not too sweet which is just as well as the filling certainly is..

The evening was great. 14 teenagers in the house, playing poker of all things, as well as twister and playing the piano, extremely well!
They ate lots of food but that's ok as we had made lots. In fact we may be eating pasta bolognese for quite some time.
One of the highlights of the evening though, was when they asked if they could bake. Actually this had been on the cards for quite some time, baking "lessons" having been mentioned before. Everyone joined in and two lots of cupcakes were produced and decorated by said teenagers with very little input from me, including the washing up.

Icing was added using lots of sparkles and sprinkles. There's a little kid in them all yet! 

Most also had a go at piping shapes with the royal icing which was then left to dry where Suzy the cat had a great time overnight sampling it all......cue one sticky table in the morning.
I'm not sure exactly how much sleep happened during this sleepover but all helped to tidy up, have breakfast and were all gone by lunchtime. Roll on the next one.


  1. Goodness Helen, are you mad, how many teenagers?? I don't allow sleepovers. Mean old mum. We haven't the room.

    The whoopies look great. I had a go at them a few years ago to great acclaim. My daughter reminded me about them the other day and I thought I really must give them another go.

  2. The whoopies look yummy. Sounds like a very civilised teenager sleepover: doing the washing up as well, definitely well trained lol!

    Shirl x

  3. Yours is obviously a home they all felt comfortable in. Great that you all did the baking thing............

  4. 14 teenagers????? I'm not sure how I'd have coped. Though it sounds like they had a fun evening.

    Love the look of the Whoopies and the marshmallow filling sounds scrummy.

    Jill x

  5. Wow what a spread! And what a lovely Mum you are to enjoy all those young people. My mother used not to let us have ANY friends in ever! However, every now and then, my (a bit more than tennage) daughter and I have a sleepover together, when our husbands are out of the way! Must try some yummy chokky pie/buns next time!

  6. Thank you all for popping in x

  7. 14! Brave or mad? I only just heard of Whoopie pies when I saw special trays for them in Lakeland - they look yummy.

  8. Mmmm me thinks they are cashing in. No special tray needed just a normal flat one and some lining stuff.

  9. Tried to comment earlier so here goes again.... brave lady ! I would stick them in a tent ! with cooking and washing up facilities !

  10. Hi Helen, I've just found you through Bad Penny.
    I think we've got a bit in common, only I got off more lightly than you ... lumpectomy and five weeks of radiotherapy. Back at work now, but struggling a bit.... and trying to move on.
    Like you I blogged and blogged during the treatments. I found it really helped to take my mind off things and I met so many wonderful people!
    Take care xxx

  11. Hi Kathy welcome to Like it or Lump it. Hope you stay around for a while x

  12. You are brave having 14 teenagers for a sleepover... did you get any sleep? I keep meaning to try whoopie pies. I'm tempted by the marshmallow filling.