Saturday, 22 January 2011

Afternoon Tea for a Princess

When you are 5 nothing will do except for a pink princess cake! Cue Barbie redone as Princess Cake...

Of course, mums and even dads, may prefer an oozey lemon sponge...

Or how about some Millionaire's Shortbread. Known in some circles as chocolate caramel shortbread but known to me as Goo.

Or how about some Ginger Snaps (recipe courtesy of Delia)....

Finally mini meringues always seem to be popular. I think people assume they are difficult to make as they always seem to get more attention than the amount of time they take to do....

Voila... One party tea for a small girl, friends and parents!


  1. Ooh, lovely tea Helen! I agree about the meringues, so easy yet so impressive. Yum.

    Sue x

  2. Thinking I would like to be a five year old princess rather than a 57 year old one! :O)

  3. Yummie, what super cakes! I can feel the pounds piling on just by looking at them.

  4. Fab! Now a fifteen year old boy has just scoffed a slice of his birthday cake made by his big sister who likes baking which is good because I don't... it had to be chocolate cake with an extra one to take out to scoff at explorers tonight

  5. You can't go wrong with a good chocolate cake