Thursday, 20 January 2011

Award Ceremony

Firstly I would like to thank Penny  at The Hen House for the award. It is my first ever and I am overwhelmed.
Apparently now I have to tell you seven things that you don't know about me (and that you might be interested in). I am sure these should also be clean and suitable for a family audience as well as my dad who occaisionally pops in. Mmmm will have to have a think about this. In the meantime I also have to nominate 5 blogs who I think are deserving of an award too. here goes in no particular order. Hopefully the links will work and you will be able to have a look too.

 I would like to nominate

Lucy over at Attic 24 because hers was the first blog that i ever read having been nosing around the Dorset's Cereals website. Lucy you were and are an inspiration and a very colourful one at that. Thankyou.

Baking Brownies for Motzart is a new blog to me but her baking is fabulous, pop over and have a look.

Just Me, also I feel deserves an award for sheer brillliant blogging.

Hummus Boy Another new to blogging persona

Sue at The Quince Tree that some of you will already know but has given me some of the oomph to try out different pictures, headers and samplers.

Congratulations to you all and hope you get a few more people dropping by.

Now for the seven new things:-...

1. I am really not bothered about milk. A bit of an odd one I know but t means that we do run out sometimes and I don't really care. I take juice on my cereal and hot drinks black so what is the use of milk?

2. I embarass my children, often! Mostly by telling people in shops that their spelling is wrong or, that they have an apostrophe in the wrong place. Coming from me this is not good as my own spelling leaves a lot to be desired.

3. I bite the heads off jelly babies first so they can't scream.

4. I hate toast crumbs left on the work surfaces.

5. I have a Bronze Medalion for swimming am a qualified swimming teacher (lapsed) and once pulled a revolting child out of the pool and then wished I had left him in.

6. I have a motorbike license but am really quite scared of the bike.

7. I love love love new socks. The luxury Mmmmm.


  1. I'm with you on the spelling and apostrophes, the toast crumbs and the new socks. Your pictures are looking fabby Helen.

    Thank you for nominating me but please don't be offended when I say no thank you. I'm not very keen on blog awards to be honest. They're a bit too much like chain letters for my liking. I think a comment is a nice award :o)

  2. Ok no offense happy to see you visiting though

  3. Attic 24 was the first blog I ever read and inspired me to really get going with learning to crochet.
    Em xxxxxxx

  4. congratulations, your blog is lovely great graphics!

  5. Ah thank you so much! I'm not feeling like there's a lot of brilliant blogging at the moment from me, January must be doing something to me!

    You totally need to tell people in shops if their spelling is wrong, it's beyonod me how you wouldn't check things like that if you're putting it up in public. And rogue apostrophes are a special pet hate of mine too!

  6. I'm definitely with you on the crumbs front - I'm sure my other half leaves them on purpose (one day I'm gonna sprinkle them all over his side of the bed).
    And, new socks - luv em!

  7. Helen - thanks so much for the award! I'm honoured. I'll try to do it justice - got to get some priority baking out of the way first, then I'll post properly! have a great weekend xo

  8. I embarrass my children all the time by singing while out & about. Did you ever read "eats, shoots and leaves " ? brilliant faux pas on the apostrophie. I gave a copy to a brilliant teacher leaving the pirmary school. She said she'd take is as her holiday read !!!

    I've heard of others who have orange juice on their cereals !

    Lovely list !

  9. Thankyou for all the lovely comments and welcome to the new followers. I just hope I can live up to all this blogginess.

  10. Helen, thanks for your comment re blog awards. I just wanted to say that my post was not just in response to your kind award, I've had quite a rash of them in the last couple of weeks. That sounds like boasting -part of the reason I decline them.

    Sandy of Teacup Lane's idea of featuring a particular blog every now and again is a good one isn't it? I may adopt it.

    Sue x