Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Staying In

Some days you have no choice but to stay indoors!
Today is one of those days. The outside looks very inviting once you get the window clear enough....... This is the view from our living room this morning.....
You can just see the trees over the top of the indoor frost. That's what you get for shutting the shutters. All cozy on the inside, frosty on the outside, just ready to melt into icy pools all over the floor.
On the other side of the house the view is very similar....
Suzy was still keen to get out but as you might imagine it wasn't long before her paws were like little icicles....

We are not the coldest I know but -14* c is plenty low enough for me.
It takes forever to get washed with one arm and icy all the time, just might turn into a hobo and zip in until May!
There are good things too like the postcard / calendar scenery and special cakes made before the big slip......
Sorry I'd wrapped it before I remembered to take a picture....
Or Cranberry Jelly steaming away on the Aga.......
Christmas is just around the corner now, I'm off to try one handed card writing.


  1. -14 Brrrrr!!!!!

    It can't be much fun trying to do everything one handed. I'd be living in elasticated jogging bottoms - buttons and zips must be a nightmare.

    Hope you're managing to sleep and rest OK.

    Jill x

  2. Yep the jogging bottoms have made an appearance! The family have been good with dressing and stuff. Honestly you'd think I was 100.
    Sleeping will get better, at least I'm in my own bed now. Thankyou for all the wishes and comments, they really are appreciated.

  3. Oooooooh! You've got an Aga! Lucky, LUCKY you! Hope each day finds you a bit better. Trying to sleep must be a nightmare..........

  4. Hi! Just found you through I should have listened to my mother - I love your banner! So colourful!
    I'd love to be able to stay indoors, commuting in the cold is rather unpleasant!! Although it's not quite -14 here yet!

  5. staying in is ok and the AGA really cosy, BUT, just wish I could do more.