Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

I thought that you might like a little peak! Shhhhhh, don't tell any one what I've been up to! Preparations are to say the least going slowly but at least things are starting to happen. One handedness and Christmas don't really go together but slowly, slowly we are getting there. D has his band concert tonight ( having been postponed due to the terrible weather). On Thursday he has his "formal" which has involved hiring of outfits more of which another time. THEN it's the holidays! In the meantime this is what I've been up to.....

The gingerbread house was made up at the weekend when we had some little people here for the afternoon, we are hoping to repeat this during the holidays, perhaps slightly more calmly though!
Presents are, I've decided very hard to wrap with one hand although it can be done. K is getting very good, sticking the tape and generally wrapping to my picky standards.
Can you see the little glass bird? All the way from New York, there were so many beautiful decorations there that it was very hard to restrict myself to just one or two but the little bird made it.
Once again I have received some beautiful flowers over the last week..

I am feeling very spoilt and beginning to get the Christmas feeling....
Until the next time...


  1. Look at those beautiful flowers - I love receiving flowers, pity it doesn't happen very often :0(
    Your decorations look really pretty. I've also got some fab glass baubles, but will probably have to wait until Violet leaves home before they are reunited with our Xmas tree again.
    Take care.

  2. Lucky you - like Jill above, I love being given flowers but it never happens!

    I knew I had to comment as soon as I saw that beautiful glass bird. Oh my, I love it. I need it! Please, please could you tell me where I might purchase one?!!




  3. Gingerbread house! I knew I'd forgotten something.

  4. Ill try to remember where I got the glass bird, beautiful New York store but not expensive.
    The gingerbread house is a cheat from Aldi. Not as good as the Ikea one but they had none left when I was there. I would really like to give my own a go but possibly not a one handed activity.

  5. Hi Helen, good to know things still got done, even with the use of just one hand! Glad you liked the peg angels. I also have plans for a black one and all sorts of others (time allowing!). Should be interesting to wind pom poms with just one hand ;O))))) Remember that the pom poms dont need filling right to the centre when your daughter does them as the peg has to fit. Probably sounds like common sense, but I made my first one too tight.......... Doh!