Tuesday, 10 August 2010

London and Home Again

We have been to London. Not such a big deal except that for reasons I won't go into we had to drive. It is a long way BUT our young people are now well trained in the act of car jouneys and didn't complain too much. This was helped by stops at Ikea on both legs of the trip as it is much nicer than the services and cheaper too. We had a bit of a look about and actually left without buying anything except for a plant as a gift.

In London as the boys attended to the bussiness end of the trip k and I hit the shops. Well mostly Harrods but a couple of other places as well. We really went for the atmosphere and not to buy anything (we were really very good) but we did succumb to morning coffee at one of the many eating places. I have to admit that it really really was fantastic although as you can imagine very pricey. I think this must be THE most expensive stawberry tart in the whole of the UK if not the world.
Then it was off to wander round the shop. I actually like the foodhalls the best and could spend hours there looking at all of the displays. K however was much more taken by this gentleman here. Luckily there was not enough room in the car.....

The two of us were absolutely enthralled at the Harvey Nics window display. So much so that we took the boys back on the Sunday so that they could see them too.

Aren't they just amazing. Even D thought that they were good and that is really saying something.
We got back yesterday just in time to ice the birthday cake that I had been asked to make for a friend's little boy. They haven't seen it yet so I hope it is ok, but I thought that I would give you a sneek preview........


  1. Do you know I've never been to Harrods for some reason, must put it on my list for the next time I'm in London.

    The person made out of books is my favourite - so clever!

  2. I think I was about 11 the last time I went to Harrods, but even then the food hall was amazing. I remember spending some of my pocket money on some jelly fruits for my dad.

    Harvey Nics window displays are fab. I'm so glad you've shown us the photos.

    Your friend will love that cake - it's amazing.

  3. Thankyou, the window display is definitely worth a look and you could spend all day in Harrods. Even the toilets are great with free perfume and an attendant.

  4. You just don't look old enough to have teenage children!! :O)

    I clicked on the photos to enlarge and was blown away by the dress made of pegs! I have been to Harrods a few times, but have never made it to the toilets, now I shall definitely have to visit them!!!

    Love your cake decorating skills.

  5. I loved them all, there's a tree made of pencils too which I'll try and fix enough to post. The photo wasn't as good as the others. Found it a bit hard through the glass.