Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Missing Pictures.

As I have received so many lovely comments about the last post, I thought that you might like to see some of the other pictures.
The car is made entirely from Ferrari symbols which, as you can imagine was a big hit with the boys.

The piano is made from casette tapes which K could barely remember. How scary is that?
I'm sorry this one is not so clear but the reflections from the window made it a bit hard to capture, and the fact that there were queues of people all trying to take pictures as well.

The dress was actually not at harvey Nics but at a little boutique in Covent Garden. It is made from dress shirts and is displayed in the Agnes B shop. The artist is Amido.

This is a part of the pencil tree at Harvey Nics. The whole tree didn't come out too well in the photos again due to the reflections in the window but I quite like this small part.

All of the displays are really very clever. I would definitely visit again if in London to look at the window even if I didn't go any further, although it is very tempting..........
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  1. Some folk are just sooooo damn clever aren't they? Thinking up such great window sets.

    That pencil tree looks great.

  2. Yet another fascinating set of photos. I wonder, do you mind if I use your photo of the dress made of pegs on my blog? Obviously I would credit/link it back to you. It's just that I had photographed pegs a couple of weeks ago and your photo would just add the finishing touch to a post about them. Obviously if you would rather I didn't use your photo, I would respect your wishes. I have my e mail address on my blog. Thanks, Cathy