Friday, 5 August 2011

Work and Hobbies

Now, usually I don't say too much about my work. I meet lots of people and as you might imagine some are nice, some are not so nice, some are mad and some are just plain rude. That's life. I am really very lucky in that for the vast majority of time I love my work.
Recently my job has changed a wee bit, BUT I am still the Sister in a busy outpatients department for most of the week. We see lots of people ranging in age from about 11 to 105. Obviously I can't tell you very much about the people who I meet on a day to day basis. I can tell you though that yesterday I had the opportunity to take a step back, away from learning to scan (It's not as easy as those Sonographers make it look let me tell you), away from the hustle and the waiting times, away from upset and angry people.
I  am being given the chance to work as a real midwife for one day a fortnight. (BY real I mean in delivery suite, not that the rest of the time isn't real it's just not what most people think of midwifery).

Yesterday was the first day for QUITE a while. And what a day! A delivery! Yippee (Yes it is still exciting and makes you smile even after years and years. We wouldn't do it otherwise!) Apparently (and this is a secret!) I was much nicer than "those midwives in One Born Every Minute!" Possibly I'm not trying hard enough! Anyway a very special little brother was born. Result. Happy family and Midwife.

When not at work I have once again been on the cake making spree! Hope you are not getting too bored with looking at them all but I like putting them up so that I can remember what I've been up to. (And folks at real work seem to like a peek too).

Summer has arrived in cake form.

Read all about it here.

Hope you are all well. Take Care x


  1. Hi Helen! Wow...I have been at a delivery before (my niece's very prolonged birth) & I'll never forget it.In a good way! How wonderful for you to have that experience at work! Cakes are fantastic as always...I especially love the sandcastles! happy happy weekend xoxo

  2. You never cease to amaze. I had no idea you had such a busy working life, a friend is a midwife and she seems constantly exhausted. How you find the time or energy to make such a riot of wonderous cakes is beyond me. The beach scene is SO clever.

  3. I love the name of your blog - my mom used to say that all the time to us! ;-) Being a midwife must be very rewarding - how nice to see a new little one meet his or her family for the first time. I look forward to reading more of your blog :-)

  4. Oh the midwives were marvellous when Joe was born here ... Jess was born in Spain & it was scarey but I just did as I was told !!!
    How fantastic for you. Your cakes are wonderful & must make a lot of people happy. New babies & cakes !