Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Bug's Eye View.

Wedding fever seems to have subsided a bit and things are getting back to normal here in Carlisle. Young people are back to school, I'm back to work and already looking forward to my day off. Also gearing up for my physics module, It is an essential part of my course and it doesn't fill me with great excitement. I thought you might like to have a look at these pictures that were taken during our days out and about last week. They are how I imagine all the bees and bugs might see their world.....

Reed Forrest

Dandelion Tree

Pink Blossom Carpet

Narcissis Sky Scrapers

It's a Jungle out there.


  1. Ha these are brilliant! Especially like the dandelion tree.

  2. Wonderful and witty. Love em!

  3. Such beautiful photos Helen...in anyone's view! I used to love those 'guess the object' photos that seemed to abound when we were young...like a closeup of a cheesegrater or something? Really made you think. These are a bit similar! Thanks for the comment on my blog - somehow I never thought you'd be offended!! :-) Lots of love xo

  4. These are fantastic photos ! Love the dandelion seed head best !