Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Real Wedding Cake.

I know, I know, it's supposed to be a secret. BUT I thought that you bloggy people should be the very first to see the real weddiing cake. All those guests at Westminster Abbey will only be allowed to taste the alternative cake...... (and none of them will know what we know).
I have been invited to watch procedings with friends. I am delighted with this arrangement as hubby and children are being very ba-humbug about the whole affair. They are going off to do their own thing and I am taking the real cake to our tea party. Would you like a peek? look away now if you don't want to see...

Whatever you decide to do tomorrow I hope you have a great day. xx


  1.'s beautiful. Those flowers are beautiful. will be just me watching it and maybe the cats as the coverage here starts at 4:00 a.m.

  2. Wow! Just gorgeous Helen! Paul & my Dad are much the same about the wedding as your I'm leaving shortly to watch with my Mum! Just about to post the huge cake I made yesterday for an order...very different to yours but I love your light & delicate beauty! xo

  3. Helen that is stunning - I couldn't cut a cake as beautiful as that !
    I watched it with the teens sti in their PJs. Hubby is all for scaling down the Royals which we argued about over the ten o' clock ews when he got a glimpse of the wedding Bah Humbug here too. Joe however said he'd like to marry into the Royal family - well he is my young Prince anyway !

  4. What a fabulous looking cake... bet it tasted good too. We watched and enjoyed it all!

  5. Your cake is wonderful.You're so talented!
    We planned to make the most of the extra long weekend by going away, but secretly I would have liked to have seen the wedding. As luck would have it, we walked into Keswick, heard the sound of a fanfare, turned the corner into the market square and there it was on the big screen!!! I was just in time to see them walk down the aisle and get into the coach. My husband is like Bad Penny's and would do away with the lot of them! I thought they were lovely! However, I do feel that the press and media create so much hype that you just get sick of it all.

  6. Oh wow it looks amazing!! I absol loved watching the wedding, hope you did too :0 x