Friday, 4 March 2011

Out and About

Last weekend Y, K and I went off to watch a cycling race at Croft circuit where one of our friends was racing. The weather had turned out quite wll here so off we set with snacks for k and flapjacks for friend....
The nearer we got to the circuit the greyer it became and it was cold, ok freezing. The cyclists were warming up.... how hard that must be in grey February weather, all that is except for friend who had, probably quite sensibly decided that it was much too cold and grey to be riding around a wind swept airfield....

So after watching for a while we set off to look around Richmond......A very pretty market town in Yorkshire, mind you it was still very cold and grey as you can see here...

After poking around in all the vintage srores (read junk shops for some).. we headed home to make this for my dad. His very own sheep dog trial.....

It looks much more spectacular with the flaming fountain.....

Then yesterday I was given a fantabulous present.........

An enamel sign for my kitchen.


  1. I do like a good cycle race - been to see the tour de France a few times.
    What a lovely Bakery sign!

  2. Spectaular cake ! Hubby's dad was a professionl cyclist ( rather a good one ) We were living in Mallorca & I was worried that for Jess's christening he & all his pals would go for a cycle first & turn up at the Church in Lycra !

    Luckily they didn't !

  3. It wouldn't have surprised me Penny!

  4. Brilliant cake and most spectacular with it's own little fireworks display! x

  5. Helen, your blog is brilliant, it's made me smile. Seeing your pictures of talk tarn has made me think it's about time I took Samuel on his first trip to feed the ducks. Hope your arm is getting better. Take care, Tanya x