Tuesday, 8 March 2011

In Search of Spring.

Some of you have written about the signs of Spring and posted beautiful photos. Up here however things are a bit slower, more considered or perhaps still feeling the chill. I set out to see if i could find any evidence.... yes there are snowdrops in the garden and I should probably have photographed them but I wanted to be a bit more adventurous and so set off to Talkin Tarn . The walk around the Tarn is just over a mile and we used to go quite a bit when the children were small. A promise of icecream or hot chocolate usually made sure of a winge free excursion. Today though, I was on my own, no cafe stop needed. 

It was absolutely freezing and I was glad of my down jacket and hat as I met up with this fellow... his rather shy new wife refused to have her photo taken or perhaps it was the other way around...

There were signs though....

and this....

the council have taken over the upkeep of the Tarn and apart from starting to charge for parking, not much else seems to have been done. Perhaps it's too early to see what they have been up to but at least they've left the special seat that looks out over the choppy water...

And the old tree that fell down in the winter storms....

Time to head home and inject my own little bit of spring with some orange sponge...

Which, turned out like this....Spring blossoms.......


  1. I miss my daily walk now I'm back at work. Your walk looks lovely ... love the seat!

  2. What a coincidence. I did my husband's family tree and his family lived not far from Talkin Tarn in the day...way back in the day...1851ish :) Nice to see a picture of it..so now I know what the area looks like. Thank you.

  3. What a beautiful place - I'm sure you'll soon see more signs of Spring. Our sunshine has disappeared today :(

  4. Ha! Life is ard oop North isn't it. You are even further north than I am. Today was freezing, and I am sitting in my husbands fleece typing this. Mind you I am a bit of a softie, I crave warmth and get ratty when I am cold, husband gets ratty when he is hot! strange person.

  5. Lovely, quiet post Helen. I really enjoyed the pictures...swans are gorgeous!It looks like a great walk. And those cakes are fantastic! Just beautiful. Glad Spring is joining you, however timorously!! xoxo Rachel

  6. Thankyou for all your comments, they are really appreciated. I think Spring has had second thoughts today though, it's a bit miserable out there!

  7. Well it all looks beautiful. That weathered tree trunk throne is awesome! As too are those spring sponges, yum! x

  8. Wow those look good enought to eat ! Lovely.

    I met the kids after school / coll ( Joe's feet grown again & we went for cake & milkshake which I had too instead of tea & no cake - just fancied it !