Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lost Marbles

Do you remembermy last sleep-over post? sleepover whoopie
Well.... the experience has just been repeeated with a twist. No show without punch K rightly asserted that if big brother could have a sllp-over then she could too..... Ok I'm a bit loopy and I said yes.
There were only 5 of them this time (more managable less good friends so far).  Then the truth outs...... It will be a pamper party! Ok I can cope of course I can, I'm a big girl even if I do have certain OCD tendancies in the tidy stakes......
Now please don't worry I know of at least one mum who reads this blog..... I am NOT complaining, just puzzled.

We started out with a shared meal including said big brother and dad as well as myself and 5 girls.....

Big bro did most of the clearing and provided the cake......
The girls disappeared upstairs not to be seen again. We heard lots of giggling, laughing and whispering but no sight of them....
I went to bed and fell asleep to more of the same noises.
THEN this moring Y couldn't get into the bathroom. Light off, door locked... What was going on? I was asked / sent to investigate meaning dressing gowns and all the stuff you don't bother with when alone....
Yes the door was locked. Yes the light was off.... Was someone ill? Much knocking and K appeared.....
She had been sleeping there.... With 3 others as number 5 had gone to sleep too early and they wanted to ......... wait for this..... Talk. Threres's no accounting for girls.
Anyway I'm off to work leaving them all here. Maybe I truly have lost my marbles.......


  1. Hmmm Sleepovers. Fun for the little darlings. Hell for Mums. My daughter once had a sleepover party where they all camped in the back garden, we awoke to find the sitting room crammed with unwashed bodies. It had been old in the night! someone had smuggled in a couple of bottles of Vodka. I was not amused, they were 15yrs at the time.

    I used to belong to the LEO's (junior branch of THE LIONS) we did sleepovers every so often as we attended different clubs charter nights. Different families would throw open their homes and put us up, or should I say put up with us.Best time of my young life! so I shouldn't complain.


  2. Girls can be very mysterious. I wonder what was so important that it'd make you want to sleep in the bathroom though! It's all very intriguing!!

  3. Those cakes are making me drool...yum. Girls are crazy creatures I expect they found sleeping in the bathroom very exciting!
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. x

  4. I've just written that very phrase " I must be losing my marbles " on another blog!
    Jess had a big tent sleepover when she finished primary school. At 2am I had to go out and shut them up as one of the girls had obviously seen some films the other hadn't and was describing stuff in graphic detail ( she later swore blind it wasn't her ) The next day, I received a filthy glare from a neighbour.
    When Joe has boys over the room stinks !

  5. IM with you on the boy one although they seem to grow out of it. Was reminded after writing this post, that the last time she had a sleepover they all ended up sleeping on the trampoline. I just can't win. Thank you for all of the comments x