Monday, 3 January 2011

Quiet wanderings

This may be something that I haven't mentioned before. Well it is a bit strange but I love wandering around old graveyards or cemeteries. On New Year's Day I went out for a bit of fresh air and ended up in the local churchyard. Everything was very quiet as you might expect. Everything was also very brown or perhaps grey. Indeed with us here in Cumbria the whole week has been pretty grey, the very opposite of the sharp, cold, sunny days in December. There was no one around except for some men digging up the road, ( I suppose you need to get an early start with making more holes in the road), and so, I took the opportunity to take some photographs. If other people are around they think you are a bit mad photographing the graves. Oh well found out at last.....

I think that the general grey-browness added to the atmosphere....

Just as well it was still light or it may even have been a bit spooky....

I think I will try to remember to go back later in the year and see how the atmosphere has changed....

I will try to find some more colourful images for next time.


  1. I love a look around an old graveyard. We have one a few miles away that is so very, very old and overgrown and part of it is on the steepest of hills. I find myself imagining and wondering how on earth people got up there with horses and carts years ago, let alone were able to stand and watch buriels on rainy, muddy days without sliding back down............... Lovely pictures Helen.

  2. Super atmospheric pictures, Helen. It's so difficult to get a good photo when the light is dull and grey. I can almost hear the silence!

  3. Thankyou both, the churchyard belongs to the local church. We actually live in the original vicarage which has since been replaced twice. The church was built around 1830 and so I suppose is not very old in graveyard terms.

  4. I like a good look around old graveyards & took a lovely photo last January which I shall be showing again as I join "Postcards from the PP" blog in a photo scavenger hunt ( want to join in ? her link on my blogroll list )

    A friend & I have said that one day we will visit Highgate cemetry for an outing !!! How mad is that ? a day out at a cemetry ?

    Your pictures are great

  5. I would love, love to go to Highgate cemetry. Have read about it in a couple of books. I think that "Her Fearful Symetry" was one of them

  6. Hi Helen! I just wanted to say thank you for following me - as I shall now do you. What a beautiful blog you have. It looks as though we have some followers/friends in common...and now something else, for my front garden is a graveyard (I live in a church square)! It has no graves newer than about 1880, when they started using the municipal cemetery, so they're all beautiful & old. Some people do think it's a bit spooky, but I adore it. It feels like such a calm & peaceful place. And I'd love to visit Highgate too, but a bit miffed that I think they only allow tours with a guide - I'd like to sneak in on my own & explore! Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more.Happy 2011 to you xo Rachel (Mozart's Girl)

  7. Welcome to the blog. I think you may be right about the tours, I too would love to sneak in and have a snoop.