Friday, 31 December 2010


This is the Scottish term for the last day of the year, celebrated up and down the country with much revelry and of course booze. When I was a teenager I absolutely hated it. We were inundated by drunk people that we had never clapped eyes on before. The most memorable being the man who fell asleep and dropped his false teeth on the carpet!
However, I have now grown up (usually), and within my own, or friends houses have decided that I quite like it. The booze of course still flows but in a more controlled sort of a way and we can bring in the New Year with friends or family.

Wishing you all a very happy and health New Year

Slant-mhath ( good health)


  1. Slant-mhath to you too Helen!

  2. happy new year. we are staying in with turbot and champagne. does exactly what it says on the tin. x

  3. As a teenager and a twenty something I always referred to it as Hugmany as you did, with numerous drunken strangers...couldnae be bothered with that now!
    Happy New Year! xx

    p.s "Donal' whure's yer troosers?"

  4. Love it or hate it - I hated it this year but enjoyed Christmas so guess I can't have it both ways ! Now planing a Burns' supper after a two year break......So did anyone come first footing at yours ?

  5. We had friends for dinner who stayed over witth their small children and then other friends yesterday. So far no " first foooters " but that's ok. After all we live over the border. Burns supper sounds good I'll think about that one

  6. We have done two hilarious Burns' suppers for friends. Hubby is Scottish & it is hilarious hearing him recite the ode to the Haggis then stab it with his Skean Dubh. As his accent has all but disappeared he puts on broad Glaswegian for the speech ! Great fun xx