Sunday, 25 July 2010

Holidays and Trips

Well the school holidays have started. It's easy to know about this even if you don't have school age children. The rain has been tipping it down ever since my last blog which seems like ages ago. I think that most of yesteday was dry but it's back to wet again today.
The young ones arrived back from their trips, mostly exhausted but full of what they had done and seen.
K spent quite alot of time discussing the pros and cons of her accomidation and the standard of the food, (which was probably pretty good considering that she was in Tuscany). As usual D was much quieter and little information has been gleaned about where he was, who was there or anything else for that matter.
There has been quite alot of excitement since though. We learned that K is to take part in a trip to Taiwan next year as part of a "Connecting Schools" venture. it all sound very exciting and I will let you know more as we find out the details.

In the meantime, each student has been asked to raise at least £200 towards the costs of the trip. (Guess who pays the rest?) Soooo....... we have been busy with the baking and jelly making. At times we have reached almost factory proportions and this is just the start. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, special requests have been made, new recipes have been tried and sold to a very willing bunch of people, mostly at my work but you never know we could go global.
D has been keeping the accounts. (He is very good at this). I didn't want to end up buying all of the ingredients and then all the money being taken for the trip, I've been had this way before. Actually I'm sure most of you will have been in the same position with school fundraising. You make lots of goodies and then buy them back at the school fete. Well not this time, oh no... they are too old for all of that. A much more business like approach was needed with proper working out and accounts and stuff.
I feel that this may go on for a while but so far so good.
Thought you might like the picture in the middle. D brought back the Sombrero for K as requested, but it seemed to fit Ducati better although I don't think she is too impressed!

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  1. A great way to catch up on all your news - it's a really busy time for you all. Glad exam done! See you soon.