Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Odd Smells.

Can you guess what I'm up to? What is going to be made tomorrow?
The house certainly smells a bit odd at the moment. BUT by tomorrow evening it will be yummy (I hope). I will post the results very soon, even if it is a disaster.
I didn't spend all day doing this though, I actually went in to work for a quick meeting and stayed for nearly three hours catching up with all the news and making plans for going back.
Tomorrow is D's last official day at school before exam leave although he is going back into 6th form. It hardly seems any time atal since it was his first day. Still a great bonus is that no more school shirts will be needed for him. A smaller ironing pile, what more could a woman want?
I have even had time for a wee tiny bit of crochet. Slowly, slowly the blanket is growing. Maybe by the time winter arrives it will be big enough to use.


  1. Looks like apple and herb (thyme?) jelly to me Helen. Is it? I make jelly with my crab apples and quinces of course.

    Sue x

  2. You are really on the ball. Yes Apple jelly with thyme. have made rosemary before but thought I'd try a new flavour.