Thursday, 27 May 2010

Jelly and other Pursuits.

It has worked yippee!! Setting has been acheived. Maybe not everyone has will it or won't it moments when making jelly but I certainly do. Today I am the proud owner of several jars of apple and thyme jelly. Delicious with chicken, other meats and cheese.
I think they need some kind of fancy top, material like Kath Kidston or perhaps Ikea just to finish them off.


  1. Oh, don't they look fabulous with the sunlight pouring through them. It's a very very satisfying feeling isn't it?

  2. Love your site - think you're mad (not being the 'homely' one in the family and unable to boil an egg without burning it) but love it anyway. Will keep a regular eye on you so I can see what it is I should be doing in the kitchen (not heating up bits of engine in the oven or vacuuming horse hair out of the washing machine).

  3. Nice to see you both. Am very pleased with the jelly, it tastes good as well!